Auxiliary Modules

EXPANSION ZONES (only for BT-887 and BT-15159)

  • Microprocessor management
  • Allows you to equip the system with another 8 inputs (NC, NO or balanced on 5 levels, immediate or delayed) and 8 outputs (static or impulsive open collectors) with RS485 bus connection (in totally 16 IN-OUT for BT-887 and 88 IN-OUT fot BT-15159)
  • Fully programmable inputs and outputs
  • Possibility of remote wiring the expansions with RS485 bus at a max distance of 200 metres.

RADIO INTERFACE (only for BT-887 and BT-15159)

  • Expandable radiofrequency system with single receiver-transmitter at 868 MHz with GFSK modulation featuring high immunity to disturbance, able to ensure fully bidirectional management of up to 55 wireless devices and 8 REP signal repeaters with optional double jump
  • 3 selectable radio channels
  • Each BiTech control unit has a serial ID number ensuring that each radio device operates only on the system on which it is registered
  • Option of using a diagnostic tool to test the radio connection quality of each sensor or signal repeater (REP)
  • Real-time status indication for all the connected radio devices
  • Conforms to European regulations on freely used radio systems (R&TTE, ERC/REC 7-03)


  • Modem card for remote access to programming; you simply need to connect an analogue modem to a computer with MVC software
  • Enables system maintenance/configuration and updating of the control units’ firmware
  • Password-protected remote access
  • By-Pass answering service available


  • TCP-IP Ethernet communication module. Enables the transmission of alarm signals and telemanagement over the LAN network via connection with static and dynamic IP.
  • DHCP protocol management for obtaining the IP configuration parameters
    immediately from the router
  • Possibility of transmitting all of the BiTech’s signals to 4 e-mail addresses
  • Bidirectional LAN connection (only for Mvs-NET and MVS-Lite/Plus management systems) The new LAN protocol enables bidirectional communication with Mvs-NET and MVS-Lite/Plus management systems for checking the condition of partitions, manage enabling/disabling and activation of outputs; the response times are generally extremely quick. Minute polling can also be enabled for impressive remote control of the systems at no running costs.


Voice synthetisation audio card

  • Sound expansion card; can send a set of pre-recorded messages to the configured telephone numbers
  • 8 telephone numbers programmable from the Control Unit
  • 30 recordable messages (you can record and listen to messages using the BT-KPA wired keypad)
  • “Memo” function on the wired keypad
  • Required for the Environment Listening and Hands-free function


  • 8 telephone numbers programmable from Control Unit
  • Signal level measurement
  • Broad range of potential vectors:
    - Voice
    - Text message
    - Digital


  • Bidirectional 5-key remote control for: partial activation, total activation, total deactivation, programmable button and theft/assistance button
  • Microprocessor management with minimal power consumption in standby
  • Programming the area of use with MVC software

  • Data exchange with the Control Unit using high security dynamic encryption
  • Immediate routing of the best radio path for communication with the Control Unit in the case of a REP
  • Function for determining system status with associated acoustic/visual confirmation
  • Immediate information on open areas/faults

  • Optional “forced activation” function
  • Simple, efficient interface with bicolour LED and acoustic signalling
  • Identification and association of each remote control at the Control Unit
  • Requires one 23AE 12V battery

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