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In a world that need of security is growing day after day, Al-Khiyoll AlThalathah founded in 1999 to provide the customers like banks, factory, shops and private or public sector.  The Best and modern security systems supported by central alarm monitoring station for a full integration of CCTV, burglar, fire and access control systems.

Al-Khiyoll AlThalthah has years of experience in the field of Security and Safety.  During these years Al-Khiyoll AlThalathah become the leader in the Banking Security field, We completed many projects in the Public /Private sector, we also able to accept contracts for turn-key  , on-going projects  and system management The rapid evolution on new technologies in the past sixteen years , mean a major advances have been made in basic security infrastructures and in new security systems, which enable us to offer a complete and professional management service to all Saudi Arabian companies [ Kingdom wide].

Our success is coming from the maximum care for all the projects and costumers with professional management of the project. And the maximum care for training our technicians, especially when the common mistakes are from assigning the installation of security system to people doesn’t have enough experience. Al-Khiyoll AlThalathah well-trained technicians present kingdom wide with local office in Eastern, Western, Southern, Northern and Head office Riyadh (Central). Another reason for our success is the flexibility of the software customization and hardware developments.

We are a leading supplier of security equipment, in collaboration with the well-known International Companies from Europe and around the world  [ANTEKLAB S.R.L , INIM ELECTRONICS , OPERA , IPTEC GENERAL TRADING, MARCH , DORLET, SCATI , INFINOVA ,HIKVISION, VIDEOTEKNIKA, POINT SECURITY SERVICE  ] which has developed several innovative security system able to meet the most severe and complex demands for ensuring surveillance and monitoring. Automation, reliability and real-time controls are the basic of the new systems. They rely on data centralization and the concentration of information controlled by independent computers with very large operational capacities.  The overall structure is extremely versatile and can be employed, in many different applications from crime-prevention to remote control of technological plants, from handling emergency calls to control all network connection.



CCTV, burglar and fire remote control system is now the most advanced way to keep the ATM’s, Branches and similar activities under control. The new system is made up of one Central Alarm Monitoring Station, positioned in the Head office- as supervision of each device installed in each Branch or ATM to be control for the remote alarm system, consist of a specially designed electronic panel board [ combined system complete with Digital Video Recorder, Burglar Alarm System and Fire Alarm System ] which can be connected to many different kinds of sensors such as infrared sensors, fire/smoke detectors, water sensors, gas sensors, glass break detector and from 4 to 16 CCD camera  , with a capacity of 6 months of recording on a HDD,  we  also  developed  and installed a wide range of Burglar Alarm , Fire Alarm , Fire fighting , access control and CCTV  systems, for the automatic and the telematic supervision of multimedia peripherals (Data, Images and Sounds) for specific /general applications.  The range of access control offered, are the most advanced on the market today with a solutions for every type of electronic systems. Regarding the ATM and Branches, Al –Khiyoll AlThalathah is providing to install a security systems with digital video recorder to all majors banks for as Riyad Bank , Arab National Bank, Saudi British Bank  ,Saudi Al Fransi Bank , Al-Inma Bank and Al-Bilad Bank, which are  connected to a Central Alarm Monitoring Station, using  Banks TCP/IP data network & dial-up communication.





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