Central Monitoring Station

Central Monitoring Station

Base unit for the supervision of integrated services in the security industry. Special concentration units and specific software (see MODULES) ensure integrated management for the control of security, technological, vehicle localization, video-surveillance systems, and more. It is a modular base that can be configured to make the MVS System a highly flexible product that can be adapted to any kind of requirement. The structure of the MVS system, which can be managed using a single dedicated software, can even reach complex architecture levels, simultaneously maintaining simple and centralized control.

The unit is provided with an operating system working in a multitasking (Windows) environment using local networks for multiple operator locations and multiple software applications for many specific needs. The operating system and the MVS-BASE management software for the management of all archives, remote alarm services and event logs are preinstalled. The modular and expandable architecture of this system allows for the creation of a veritable multi-carrier and multifunctional Operating Center to manage a high number of connections by using different communication carriers and protocols. Multiple services can be simultaneously ensured in a simple dynamic way for a wide range of security purposes, such as radio and remote alarm, video-surveillance, vehicle localization, remote rescue systems, and more.

Table Operation Personal Computer:

CPU: Intel Pentium IV
RAM: 256MByte DDR
Hard Disk: 40Gb
Floppy Disk: 1,44Mbyte
Video card: VGA 64MByte
Network card: 10/100Mbps
Additional cards: 8 RS-232 serial multi-port
Mouse and keyboard: Available
Monitor: 15″ TFT
Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional
Management software: Sicep Data 9000 MVS

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