Repeater of radio signal


  • Device for repeating all the radio devices on the BiTech network
  • Microprocessor management
  • Bidirectional RF connection to the Control Unit using BiTech technology
  • 230Vac mains power supply, also contains two Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batteries for emergency supply (in the event of power cut-outs)
  • Capacity control and automatic recharging of the buffer batteries
  • Up to 8 repeaters can be installed on the system (4 for BT- 436)
  • Option of wireless sub-networks that can be fully managed, programmed and tested on the Control Unit
  • Option of connecting up to 2 repeaters “in cascade” to extend the wireless devices’ operating range
  • Supplied with anti-opening device and 2 Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batteries


All the operating parameters can be configured quickly and easily using the
Sicep MVC computer software which allows you to read and modify the parameters on a Windows-style graphical interface. The parameters can be archived and stored in files on the PC, for personalized basic programming. This can be done locally (via serial connection) or by remote connection via the telephone line (BT-MDA module) or LAN network (BT-LAN module).

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